When you’re designing your own home office, you might be limited when it comes to space. apartment-layout-top-downLet’s start by telling you my first condo was 450 square feet, and that is including the balcony.

Yeah, so space was hard to come by and I sure as hell didn’t want to live in my office. I wanted to have an office and a living area where I could relax.

First, I should mention that I got a ton of help from these articles:


Be Creative With Your Space

I think a common misconception about an office is that it has to be a big space. I’m not sure if people connect a big office to success but I can tell you I ran a successful business from a very small place.

One of the first things I learned about being in a space of that size is that you need to get creative with your storage. Of course, you don’t want to end up with piles of papers and accessories on top of your desk. On solutions I found was instead of have table legs I just used cabinets to support my table tops. This allows me to use the space where the table legs would go as storage. You can use these ikea drawers to get started and any of these table tops.

Make It Your Own

Listen, if I can make a home office that small then you should be able to think of all kinds of ways that you can decorate yours. My boogie surfboard spent years behind the cushy office chair. I figured if you’re going to be spending hours upon hours of time in your office you might as well make it feel like your own.

I started by putting up shelves, this instantly made the room feel taller and allowed my to put all this funky knick-knacks that were on my desk up against the wall. I also wanted to give my place a cute and girly feel to the place – I found this cute office supplies blog that has given me a whole bunch of inspiration. Etsy and Amazon are great places to start when it comes to looking for accessories for your office.


Be Bold

Here’s an example of someone who is completely owning their home office. I just love their attitude, they don’t care what anyone else thinks and that’s totally the way it should be!

Do you work from home or plan on it? If so, you should know how to be more productive when working from home. Here are three tips to help you.


1. Get up early and get right into work. Sure, it’s easy to just stay in bed and sleep in, but if you want to be as productive as possible, then get up early. The sooner you start work, the more you will get done throughout the day.

2. Work from a table or desk and not the couch. The couch is too comfortable and it’s tempting to just put aside your work for a few minutes so you can take a nap. However, that short nap can easily turn into a deep sleep that lasts for a few hours. Sitting at a desk or table is the best way to remain productive while you work at home.

3. Plan for the next day a few hours before you’re ready to go to bed. By knowing what you have to accomplish the following day allows you to start working as soon as you get up and you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out what you should be doing. You will be surprised at how this small tip can lead to a much more productive day. Also, feel free to write down what the biggest things you need to accomplish for the following day and what little things should be accomplish, and then work your way down the list.

If you plan ahead, then you’ll get more things done. If you work from a desk or table, then you’ll be more productive. If you get up early, that too will help. With that said, all you have to do are those three things and you’ll be more productive when working at home.

Welcome to my office design blog. This is a place where you can find tips, tricks and most importantly inspiration for designing your home or work office.

My home office is where I spend most of my day and I’ve come to treat it as a place where all my creativity stems from. The moment I realized this was the moment things really started to take off with my business. I took extra time and energy to make an office that I would be happy working in, a place that I felt confident and strong.

The goal of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas on what has become a hobby of mine, home office design. I’m so excited to share what comes next

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