Lancashire Heeler Temperament and Lifespan

Lancashire Heeler is a small but very strong dog. Initially it was used for walking cattle pastures. Dogs were considered outstanding beaters and excellent shepherds. Undersized Lancashire Heeler easily coped with cows and sheep, as well as hunted rats masterly. They were used for protection, thanks to the quick reaction.

Today Lancashire dogs are kept at houses as companion dogs. They have gentle nature, they are friendly, patient, get along well with children and animals. Herding instinct manifests Heeler in the game when "herding" of passers-by, biting their heels.

Lancashire Heeler is suitable for holding at the apartment. Little dog does not require large space to live and play. Heelers do not need long walks, but never give up on them. They are happy to go on a journey and overcome a considerable distance effortlessly. Representatives of this breed can exhibit activity for hours, and thus do not get tired. The dog is very hardy and undemanding, however, requires sufficient attention from the owner and constant communication with the people. On the walk Lancashire Heeler is happy to take part in the game which checks intelligence and responsiveness. It is resistant to any weather conditions, and despite the appearance, does not freeze in the cold.

Energetic and friendly Lancashire Heeler is an inexhaustible source of joy for all households. They live about 12-13 years.

How Much Does a Lancashire Heeler Cost and Price Range

If you would like to have Lancashire Heeler as your pet, you can meet the following price range from $1100 to $1500. Usually the price depends on the show and pet quality as well as the breeder you are going to buy the dog from.

Lancashire Heeler Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

This miniature dog with the body characterized by the well-rounded ribs, topline is strong and straight. The head is always proportional to the body. The skull is flat and broad between the erect ears. Hanging ears are undesirable. The tail is set high, left in a natural form. Lancashire Heeler is dressed in a fur coat, consisting of two layers of wool. The outer layer is dense, short, dense and smooth, protects the dog from all atmospheric influences.

Around the neck there is a long and thick collar. The undercoat is dense, thin and soft in the structure. The color is liver and tan, black and tan. Height is 5-31 cm for males and females are about 25-31 cm. Weight: males are 2,7-5,9 kg, females are 2,7-5,9 kg.

Lancashire Heeler Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Lancashire Heeler is strong and hardy, small, but a real working dog.

Small heelers successfully participate in the mini-agility. This is a wonderful pet - clever, cheerful, obedient and charming.

Lancashire Heeler breed appeared in the 60-70-ies of the 20th century by crossing-Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Manchester Terrier. Currently, a new breed has a promising working qualities. Lancashire Heeler is driving the cattle, sheep, horses, is a hunter of small game and Piper's keeper.